About Us

Ruby’s Collection as an art form, has the power to create moods, provoke opinions and produce reactions. This is the design philosophy that London based designer Ruby Gupta follows in creating and developing her own unique collection of jewellery. Drawing inspiration from her travels, fashion, art and design, her creations represent the transfer of ideas, materials and concepts from these disciplines to the jewellery world. Although she uses precious metals and stones in her work, the design is of much greater importance to Ruby than the intrinsic value of the materials she works with. Her ultimate goal is evoking rare imagination through the use of striking colour and inventive design in each of her pieces, which is what gives Ruby’s Collection that signature look.

With a  passion to take objects or forms that are not normally seen as jewellery Ruby’s Collection  transform them into clever reinterpretations that are wearable and elegant which makes Ruby’s Collection jewellery really, truly memorable and valuable, inspiring clients  to see that jewellery can be beautiful without having to always conform to what is expected.

If you are looking to complete a stylish new look then Ruby’s Collection range will help you look fabulous. With breathtaking collection’s ideal for women who love fashion with stunning selection of stylish accessories that won't fail to get you noticed.  Handcrafted crystal rings, trendy earrings, bracelets, necklaces and the latest necklace sets adding sparkle and glamour for a fresh new fashion statement selected from the latest catwalk and celebrity jewellery styles, bringing you fantastic fashion jewellery at prices you can afford. A hugely popular way to finish off an outfit and stay one step ahead in the style stakes.

Ruby’s choice an ideal choice for all occasions......